Saturday, May 31, 2008

SMS is a Suitable Technology for Wireless Applications to Build on

SMS is a Suitable Technology for Wireless Applications to Build on

Here are some of the reasons that make SMS a suitable technology for wireless applications to build on:

  • Firstly, SMS messaging is supported by 100% GSM mobile phones. Building wireless applications on top of the SMS technology can maximize the potential user base.

  • Secondly, SMS messages are capable of carrying binary data besides text. They can be used to transfer ringtones, pictures, operator logos, wallpapers, animations, VCards, VCals (calendar entries), etc.

  • Thirdly, SMS supports reverse billing, which enables payment to be made conveniently. For example, suppose you want to develop a commercial ringtone download application that charges a fee from the user for each ringtone downloaded. One way to accept payment is to use a reverse billing phone number obtained from a wireless carrier. To buy a ringtone, the user will write an ordinary SMS text message that contains the ID of the ringtone he/she wants to buy and send it to your SMS application's reverse billing phone number. Your SMS application will then send back one or more reverse billing SMS messages that carry the ringtone. The user will be charged a fee for the reverse billing SMS messages he/she received. The fee will be included in the user's monthly mobile phone bill or be deducted from his/her prepaid card credits. Depending on the agreement between you and the wireless carrier, all or part of the money received will be given to you.

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