Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gandhian Engineering

On the final day of Hi-Tech Pune, Dr. Mashelkar gave a very inspiring talk on the theme of Innovation led Inclusive Growth.He highlighted several problems of India, and how they are being tackled by some very innovative entrepreneurs who are becoming the change agents.

Jaipur Foot: the foot treatment would otherwise cost $20,000 in U.S, has been made affordable for only $28 , almost 1/100th of the price, and with much superior features and functionalities.

Other such innovation is Tata Nano Car.

Another very good example was Kohli led TCS team which developed the Computer Based Functional Literacy, which is based on the theories of cognition, language and communication. This is meant to tackle the large illeteracy problem and solve it in a few years. The early results are very encouraging and it being a low cost solution, anyone can become literate in $2.5, which means now with a $2 billion investment, it will be possible to make the entire world literate.

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