Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mozilla Foundation's year end appeal

For the moment, nobody owns the web — it still belongs to all of us. But I worry that could be changing.

There has never been a more important time to fight for a web that serves the public good and doesn't leave users in the dark. Just as billions more of us are coming to depend on the web, we stand to lose much of the choice, privacy and freedom that we have now. I'm worried about a future web that's understood by just a few gatekeepers and where secret surveillance is the norm. 

Mozilla's mission is what sets us apart. We're not a company, we are a non-profit movement that is building the web the world needs. And we don't do it just by building great products like Firefox that put users in the driver's seat. We do it by teaching thousands of people around the world to be creators of the web, not just consumers.

If we fail, there's a very real chance that the power to shape the web will fall into the hands of the few and powerful. With your help, we can build a future where the web will be taught right alongside reading, writing and math. This is how we win.

When you support Mozilla with a donation today, your gift helps the volunteers and employees at Mozilla continue our important work to protect, teach and build the web in 2014:

There has never been a more important time than now to roll up our sleeves and build it, teach it; loosen the gatekeeper's grip. Thanks for supporting Mozilla and our mission to build the web the world needs.

Please make your year-end donation and help us continue our work in the coming year. 

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