Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Feed of Feeds? Or TagFeeds?

... as the buzz around lifestreaming continues to build, some people are starting to question where it fits into their daily lives. Last week, we wondered whether sites like FriendFeed solved the problem of information overload, or merely brought attention to it

Venture capitalist Josh Kopelman - "I love the concept of the News Feed ... with the combination of (1) more users activating feeds and (2) more web sites offering them, I think that feed volume is poised to increase exponentially. And I can sense that ... the volume will increase to a level that will require 24 hour vigilence to remain informed," he writes.

Fellow venture capitalist Brad Feld voices similar concerns, in a post entitled, "I Need A News Feed For My News Feeds." The solution for each of them lies in the creation of some sort of universal feed dashboard that manages your social activity feeds and determines which items require action and which are of interest.

Jevon MacDonald, thinks that lifestream aggregators are starting to become "noise aggregators," ...

The solution to the problem lies in the development of filters that learn what you want to read. "If I give someone's del.icio.us bookmarks a thumbs down every time I see it, then you should stop showing it to me. If I give a thumbs down on ever single del.icio.us bookmark I see, then make sure you never show me one again," he writes.

Does it indeed? Can machines really be so  intelligent to guess your tastes? And is it really true that if till today I did a thumbs down to a delicious bookmark, I would really never want to see them?

I am doubtful, a thumbs down is to content, not to source ... and then - what exactly in the content lead to the thumbs down? the quality or the relevance or say the author?

I don't think machine filtering will work ....

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