Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Make a website without making one

Check out http://www.gnipcentral.com

This website has only one 'web-page' i.e. its homepage. When I say webpage - I mean as in coded in HTML ans stored on a dedicated webserver to serve the page. All other pages are simply Google Documents directly linked from this page.

Why is this useful ..
  1. Its cool !! ;-)
  2. You can create pages so easily - no need to bother with HTML formatting etc
  3. Downloading document in other formats (.doc, .rtf) is made possible without needing any coding
  4. The BIGGEST one - you can edit the documents easily and the updated copy would always be online without any version control required. (best to maintain things like API's which Gnip is using it for)
The pitfall - only content based websites can be developed like this - no scripting!!

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