Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WebTop .. desktop on the Web

A concept many have fiddled with - creating a web-page which acts for the web what your desktop screen acts for your computer. A place form where you access all your favourite Web Services through single click Icons.

Just like your desktop you save files (music, photos, documents, sheets), access web-based (SaaS) software, maintain account info etc. All that you do on your desktop. But wait!! there's more - you can share documents with your friends and family (click the 7 circles links) , receive newsfeeds from popular dailes, create groups, write blogs etc - things which were never possible on a desktop.

Enter MyVishwa - a new player in this category. 

As far as I have fiddled with it - you can only upload and share files but I hope it will soon also allow me to "create" documents and spreadsheets (not just upload them) by using Google Docs or Zoho or their own technologies.

There are more flaws - unlike similar attempts like Meebo which allows you to log on to all your messenger accounts at once, myVishwa is closed, you can't access messengers, you can't log on to your email, groups are not linked to other mailing list services... 

I have a lot of suggestions for this initiative, they NEED to open it up!! New icons should be allowed, files should be allowed to be saved anywhere (i.e. Google Docs, Yahoo briefcase etc) - this one stop webTop should merely act as a single access point - not try to lock people in and never try to to become "everything" - in fact use as many support services from other players. 

The start page concept which pageflakes or iGoogle started has gained a lot of traction. The webTop concept is simply an extension of the startpage thing. But it need to be implemented properly, and as openly as possible.

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